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R1 (Feb '15) Download-Activities for the Chicken Soul

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Release 1 (Feb ‘15)
Featuring work by: Abbie Gobeli, Samantha Johns, Joe Kellen, and Mozart and Friends    
Art Design by Shannon Fletcher
Organized by Eric Larson

Download-Activities for the Chicken Soul is a quarterly series of audio-based, participant enacted performance featuring work by Twin Cities-based artists. The performances come to you, and you become a part of them. Simply follow these instructions:

1. Download the bundle of Activities.
2. Put them on a Personal Listening Device, like an iPod.
3. Refer to the booklet included in the bundle for piece-specific instructions.
4. Press play.

These are the pieces:

you will make good
By Joe Kellen
~15 Minutes
Joe’s fascination with moral obligation and experiences in private school made this exploration of how-much-petroleum-jelly-is-too-much possible.

Design my Life
By Samantha johns
~15 Minutes
Help Samantha design her life. She is an artist in shift.

By Abbie Gobeli
7 Minutes
An exploration of the space in which you live, viewing it through the lenses of "cute."

Salzburg Classic: Salami
By Mozart and Friends
13 Minutes
A piece exploring the intricacies of being dead and having music, guiding weary souls to produce through their tribulations a requiem.

Stay tuned for get-togethers and other feedback apparatuses. We want to hear what you think!

The pieces included in this release require relative mobility and hearing in both ears. If this is not the case and you would still like to experience the pieces, or for general questions, comments, or if you’d like to participate in future releases, feel free to email Eric at

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R1 (Feb '15) Download-Activities for the Chicken Soul

0 ratings
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